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The Calm in Chaos

Calm in Chaos

Have you ever had one problem and made an effort to resolve the problem, only to find a bigger one develop?

That happened to us. Our dishwasher broke. We bought a new one. I woke up to puddles all around the dishwasher, but I hadn’t even run the new dishwasher yet. It didn’t seem to be a big deal until we went to the first level and noticed that water was pouring onto the carpet from the ceiling, and the wall and carpet were destroyed. ServPro has been here daily to remove our hardwood floors, sink and drywall. It’s a real mess. To make matters worse, nobody wants to take responsibility for the mistake. The installation people say it’s a defective dishwasher, and the dishwasher company says it’s the installation company’s fault.

My husband and I have been on the phone and sent numerous emails, trying to get the issue resolved. Of course, I just want our home restored back to the condition it was in before we got the new dishwasher. Sometimes, life is just like that. We have a problem, and on the journey to resolve the issue, other problems and challenges arise. What do we do in these situations?

One major thing that I’ve noticed is that patience is very important. We want things resolved quickly, but the truth is, some things just take time—sometimes, a lot of time. We just have to go through the process. If we rush to try to fix it, we aren’t allowing God to fix it. When He does a thing, He does it well.

I was at the point of almost wanting to yell at an impolite customer service representative. It may have been very justifiable to get angry, but my lack of self-control and patience could’ve had a bad outcome for us. Remember in Numbers when Moses was in the wilderness with the Israelites? God told him to speak to the rock and water would spring forth. However, Moses got angry with the people and struck the rock (and water rushed out).

God gave Moses clear instructions, and he disobeyed them. God also gives us clear instructions as to how to conduct our lives in His Word. In the midst of our issue or problem, we can’t justify our behavior based on someone else’s bad conduct or actions. In Moses’ case, he was frustrated by the people’s complaining. I’ve been frustrated with the dishwasher and service people. Think about it. What are you angry or frustrated about? It doesn’t matter what it is. There is still no excuse. God’s Word calls us to be patient and longsuffering.

Moses also took credit for water coming out of the rock. God is the one who provided the miracle. We have to think about it? Our way out of problems and issues in life is Him. When there is a solution provided, He deserves the credit.

When we have problems, we have an opportunity to show others the love of Christ. Instead of me angrily going off about the problem, I should’ve been peaceful and patient.

Moses and His people never saw the Promised Land in Moses’ time because of his disobedience, pride and anger. We have to be careful not to make mistakes in the midst of problems that can put us in a much worse situation.

I’m resolved to work through this dishwasher fiasco with the love of Christ anchoring my feelings in the right place. As a side note, it looks like some repairs and remodeling that we’ve been putting off can finally be resolved. If we stop to meditate on His Word and His will in the midst of chaos, He will show us the good that can come out of any seemingly bad situation. Chaos can catapult us into greater. Don’t trust me on it; trust Him!

Trusting Him with you,



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