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a mother’s musings


With the start of the new year, I thought I’d depart from my normal format and share a little of my heart with my faithful few.

I don’t know why I thought parenting would get easier the longer I was in it.  Nobody ever told me it would be easy, but I guess I just thought the older my sons grew, the more they would do for themselves.  You know the drill.  The more they could do for themselves, the easier it was supposed to be, right?  Well, there is some truth in my assumption, but the very thing that I thought would bring relief has brought with it so many unforeseen challenges.  They’re growing independence certainly hasn’t always meant that things are easier.

My oldest son is nearing his senior year in high school, and on my days when I’m not prayed up, it’s frightening.  I find myself cringing, fussing, and worrying over some big but mostly small things in the big scheme of things.  After all, our first son will be leaving the nest in a little over a year, and I want him to be ready.

I found myself wanting to correct him (again), and decided to do a little therapeutic exercise to vent my true feelings.  I’m not calling it a poem because it’s not literary, and it certainly doesn’t follow any correct poetic formula.  It’s not really a letter, so let’s just say it’s a mother’s musings.  I I hope that some of you mothers can relate.  Thank you for allowing me to share my heart with you.

a mother’s musings

you’ll never know the joy

of a mother seeing her boy

smile, walk, talk, and grow

laugh, try, succeed and know

he is special, smart, and filled with love

from not only his parents but from God above.

you’ll never know the fear

of a mother who’s near

to releasing her son who longs to be free.

she swallows her tears to let him “be me.”

she longs for the admiration in his eyes

that she saw as a baby gripping her thigh.

you’ll never know the pride

that’s so hard to hide

when I see you try and make it

when I see you fail and take it

when I see you sit up and walk tall

when I watch you speak up and tell all

that you are becoming a man

and that you understand.

you’ll never know the nights I’ve prayed

that you would never be led astray.

my heart so full of dreams for you.

my love sunshine that beams for you.

when I’ve said the wrong thing at the wrong time

when I’ve spoken what you think is out of line,

remember my motives are always pure.

it’s only good that I want to endure.

remember God’s Word, and keep it.

do your best and believe it.

when your back is against the wall,

He’s there and will catch you when you fall.

never give up.

always look up.

don’t be down.

keep positive around.

let love abound.

shine your light.

bear good fruit.

give freely.

take sparingly.

talk less.

listen more.

live strong.

answer softly.

think wisely.

walk proudly.

pursue peace.

act surely.

read more.

learn more.

lean to God.

grow forever.

love more.

know . . .

You are special, spectacular, significant, my son.

You are a gracious gift that God in His mercy gave me.

You are this and so much more.